How can I change my password?
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Select one of the following scenarios that best applies to you:

I can get into Sisu, but I want to change my password.

If you can log into Sisu and you need to change a temporary password or just want something new, follow the steps below:

1. Log into Sisu and go to Account > Change Password.

2. Enter your old password and new password in the fields provided. Then click Submit. Your password has been changed.

I forgot my password! I need to reset it to something new!

If you can't remember your password to log in, just follow the steps below:

1. Go to the Sisu login screen.

2. Click the Forgot password? link under the Login button.

3. Enter the email that you use to log in and click Submit. This sends a Password Reset email to the email you entered.

4. In the email, click the password reset link.

5. Enter your desired password in the fields provided and then click Submit.

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