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What's the difference between Activities and metrics in Sisu?
What's the difference between Activities and metrics in Sisu?
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There are two types of data in the system: metrics and Activities. Metrics are attached to transactions, while Activities are simply increased or decreased by clicking + or - on a counter. There's no transaction data behind Activities.

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If you look at your Dashboard, you'll notice that some of the metrics are clickable. This means that there is data (transactions) sitting behind them. A good example of this is Listing Appointments Met. In Sisu, I don't log Listing Appointments Met by clicking +1 on a counter—rather, I do this by creating a transaction with a Listing Appointment Met date. This helps you have better reporting data.


Admin users create the list of Activities, and agents can manually increase the counter for each Activity as it applies to them.

📖 Note

If you want to learn how to manually update your own Activities, check out this article in our Knowledge Base.

Activities and CRM Integrations

With a CRM integration, you can perform specific actions in the CRM, which automatically add transactions to Sisu. These actions in turn increment the corresponding Activities in Sisu by 1.

Activities Shouldn't Replace Metrics

Do not create custom Activities to replace Metrics. For example, you should not create a new activity called Listing Appointments Set. Instead, enter a date into the "1st Time Appt Set" field that has been added to a Sisu form. This allows Sisu to automatically track this information for you by displaying it on the Dashboard and in reports.

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