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How do the team and personal Dashboards help me view my data?
How do the team and personal Dashboards help me view my data?
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The Sisu Dashboards help you view your data like nothing else can. Here's why:

The Dashboards are comprehensive.

You can see your funnel data, YTD data, Activity data, and Leaderboard data all in one place.

The Dashboards are dynamic.

We allow you to choose whose data you're looking at and the timeframe of that data. You can look at data for the whole team across an entire year, or you can look at a single agent's data in a specific month. Use the scope, lead source, and date range drop-downs to change what information appears on your Dashboards.

It's also important to note that agents will only be able to see their own data, while admins can have access to team, group, and agent data.

The Dashboards can take you to the transactions behind your data.

When you click on transaction data that is hyperlinked, you are taken to your Transactions screen but it'll be automatically filtered to show you the exact transactions that apply to the data on the Dashboards.

The Dashboards show goals and pacing at a glance.

Goals appear throughout the Dashboards. You'll see team or agent goals depending on the scope you've selected.

Pacer lines and circles show you at a glance if you're on pace to meet those goals.

Goals reflected on the Dashboards are also dynamic. They reflect the date range you specify at the top of the screen.

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