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How do I email transaction details?
How do I email transaction details?

Keep everyone in the loop with direct transaction emails.

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If you need to send transaction details and even documents to an individual transaction participant, a group of transaction participants, or a non-transaction participant, these are the quick steps.

Emailing Transaction Details

1. Go to Transactions > Transactions.

2. Click in-line with a transaction to open it.

3. Click the Form drop-down and select a transaction form.

4. Click the email icon at the top of the form or the Share Form button at the bottom. This opens the Share Transaction Form window.

Default Message Content

By default, we populate the Message box with the fields from the form and any corresponding data.

Send To

The Send To drop-down allows you to select any of the transaction participants or even Sisu users. We group your transaction participants and Sisu users; however, the quick search allows you to search for your desired email participant.

Send To (Other)

In addition to Sisu users and transaction participants, you can email any email address.

Email Template

If admins have created any email templates, they'll appear in this field. Email templates allow admins to save a prewritten email that can then be applied to other emails. When you select an email template from this field, the template content replaces anything that's currently in the Message box.

Including Files on the Email

The Include Files box shows all the documents that have already been added to the transaction. Click 1 or more checkboxes to add links to those documents in the email.


If you would like the documents selected in the Include Files box added as attachments instead of links, click the "Attachments" checkbox.

Previewing the Email

Before you send your email, click the "Preview Message" button. You'll be able to see exactly what the email will look like to your email recipients.

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