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How do I set goals in Sisu?
How do I set goals in Sisu?
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Topics in this article:

  • Using the Goal Calculator to Set Goals

  • Adjusting Production Goal Numbers

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Using the Goal Calculator to Set Goals

1. Go to Account > Goals.

2. Click the Edit With Goal Calculator button. This opens the Goal Calculator.

3. In the Goal Settings section at the top, define your scope and target year using the following fields:

  • Scope: Select the team, group, or individual that you want to set goals for.

  • Set Goals For: Choose the year you want to set goals for.

4. In the Goal Drivers section, use the Begin with numbers based on field and the Reference Year field to create a quick starting point for your goals.

More About Goal Drivers

To save time, you can use numbers from previous years to create current goals. When you pick a scope (team, group, etc.) and a year from the drop-downs (see the screenshot above), the calculator looks at the results of that year. It then autofills all the Goal Driver fields with what would need to be achieved in order to accomplish the same results.

Don't worry if a previous year's results aren't exactly what you want for the current year. These 2 drop-downs give you access to goals that you can adjust however you want.

Understanding the "Saved Goals" Option

In the Begin with numbers based on drop-down, you can select the Save Goals option.

Select this option if you want to know the last goals you saved. Each time you click the Save Changes button on the calculator, a new set of numbers is copied to this option.

5. Make any changes to the Goal Driver fields.

ℹ️ Note

Your goals appear on the right in the Goal Summary section. As you tweak the driver fields, the goals update automatically.

6. In the Goal Summary section, you can tweak any of the monthly or yearly goals. Changing a monthly goal automatically adjusts the yearly goal and vice versa.

7. At the bottom of the Goal Summary section, adjust the growth slider if you want to increase all your goals by a certain percentage.

8. When finished, click the Save Changes button. The columns below the calculator are now filled with numbers from the goal calculator.

9. You can further adjust your numbers in the columns below the goal calculator. Don't forget that you can set Activity goals as well!

📖 Note

To learn more about all the ways you can adjust goals on the Goals screen, check out the section in this article called Adjusting Production Goal Numbers.

10. When finished, click the Save Goals button on the right side of the screen.

⚠️ Important Note!

Your goals aren't saved until you click the "Save Goals" button!

Adjusting Production Goal Numbers

There are 4 ways to adjust your goal numbers:

  • Auto Adjust

  • Adjust Seasonality

  • Adjust numbers manually

  • Copy to month

Auto Adjust

"Auto Adjust" is on when the checkbox is checked.

When Auto Adjust is on, you can make a change to a number in a column, and Sisu will adjust the rest of that month's numbers according to the data in the Goal Driver section of your Goal Calculator. We recommend you always keep this on so your monthly numbers will always lead you to your yearly goals.

Adjust Seasonality

If you have some months that are busier than others, you can turn on Seasonality and then adjust each month (and all its goals) by a percentage.

When Seasonality is enabled, you can see a percent at the top of each month's column. This is the month's percentage of the year's total goal. So if you see 10% at the top of January, you know that each monthly goal in January is 10% of the corresponding goal for the year. For example, if you have a goal to make 90 million in volume this year, January will show 9 million for your Closed Volume goal (10% of 90 = 9). Adjusting the percent in January's column will adjust all of that month's goals accordingly.

Seasonality Example

Let's look at the monthly percents found at the top of this screenshot.

Each month is assigned a percent of 8.65%. This is because each goal in the months shown above is 8.65% of the yearly goal. That means that $333,750 (the first number in each column) is 8.65% of the yearly goal for Closed GCI, and $12,500,000 is 8.65% of the yearly goal for Closed Volume and so on.

Let's now assume that I'm setting goals for a new year, and last year I learned that April is slower and July is busier. I want this reflected in my goals. You can change April's percent to 6.65% and July's to 10.65%. This automatically decreases all of April's numbers by 2% and increases all of July's by 2%.

Adjust Numbers Manually

If you want to be able to adjust specific numbers without other numbers changing, you can certainly do that. Just uncheck the Auto Adjust checkbox. However, be aware that when Auto Adjust is off, Sisu can't help you make sure that all your monthly goals add up to your yearly goals.

Copy to Month

At the bottom of each column, you'll find a drop-down arrow.

Click this arrow to see 2 "copy" options:

  • Copy to Next Month: Click this to copy all of this month's goals to the next month.

  • Copy to All: Click this to copy a single month's goals to all months in the year.

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